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What if you had an energetic bank account that was
aligned with the power of love and forever overflowing?

Imagine a world where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that
you are loved and can accomplish anything you set out to do...

What would you choose to create if you knew that you could not fail?

This is your opportunity to access an infinite well
of creative energy, love and support through...

The Conscious Creation Collection

Everything You Need to Begin Creating From Love, Attracting All Forms of Abundance and Welcoming The Perfectly Fulfilling Life You Deserve

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Dee Wallace is an Actress, Author & Transformational Intuitive Life Coach and today, she is giving you the opportunity to fully and freely create your reality.

You have likely heard that doors open and opportunities arise when you are ready for them.

The Universe never gives you anything you can’t handle.

So, the fact that you are here, reading this page and hearing the nudge to explore what a consciously created, love-centric life would look like, is precisely the hint you need that this is your next step.

Self-love is the foundation that supports all endeavors you choose to embark upon.

Loving YOU opens the flow of energy and points your compass to align with what you want rather than what you’re resisting, fearing or trying to avoid.

Align with your true North: Self Love

When you know and understand how to love yourself more than anything else, you are filled up, re-energized and able to give more to everyone around you.

Then, you can create from a new state of awareness, ushering in the aspects of this world that support your highest purpose.

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Dee has used these principles to create a remarkable life for herself AND has coached countless souls to do the same.

Now, it’s your turn.

Begin your journey into conscious creation from a center of self-love by understanding...

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Item 1: Your Empowering Core Belief For 2016

Specific-to-You Channeled Information from Dee (Retail Value $150)

Dee will channel Your Empowering Core Belief and send it to you via email. This is customized to you and channeled specifically for your energy.

This is the first time McLean MasterWorks has ever offered this option and know you will be blown away by the custom insights Dee will share with you.

FIRST, imagine knowing your unique, individual core belief for making the most of 2016...

Think about the power of knowing your foundation for the new year and being able to align your actions with the highest path for you in the coming 12 months.

THEN, consider how your life will change when she hands you the positive affirmation that will keep you on track in 2016.

So, this two part channeled interaction not only gives you direction for your ultimate success in the new year, it gives you essential tools for...

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Staying the course, overcoming adversity and remaining positive in any situation.

In short...

Dee will channel your most important core belief that is holding your ultimate prediction of success and happiness.

She will then give you THE positive affirmation and claim that will keep you aligned with your goals for 2016.

Item 2: The Four Cornerstones of Creation

Available as Digital Video Downloads (Retail Value $97)

Dee recently created this remarkable collection of tools for conscious and deliberate heart-centered creation.

And now, YOU have direct access to some of the most potent universal insights received in the last few years.

You’re going to access definitive and simple guidelines that keep you expanding into a new source of knowledge and understanding about how higher creation works.

This is your foundational course in conscious creation

This series of tools is here to help you...

  • Hold your focus & stay your course when life seems to be more distracting and hectic than ever
  • Obtain crystal clear clarity around what you want most and see the path to welcoming it into your life
  • Take action when you feel most “stuck” rather than allowing words like “stagnant, immobile” or “frustrated” to define your experience
  • Move into the future you really desire and begin living in a “now” that joyfully fills you up
  • Align with your highest purpose and pursue your passions every day
  • Know how to always be on your own side, looking out for your own best interests
  • Become 100% integrated with creating what you want rather than avoiding what you don’t want
  • Fully understand yourself on the energetic, physical and emotional levels
  • Define your own state of creation and embrace your true power

It’s YOUR time to create the life you long to live

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Read on and discover what Dee has prepared for you.

Cornerstone 1: I Love Myself

Love creates all things.

In this profound lesson, Dee takes you deep into understanding and exploring the first cornerstone and co that...

You have the right to love yourself, first.

This is where claiming who you want to be, what you want to receive and all that you want to offer, opens you to fully achieve all that you desire.

Dee takes you step-by-step into this first cornerstone and offers practical applications that not only make it easy to understand, but also immediately implementable.

You can create a HUGE energetic shift in your life by using this first cornerstone alone... AND there are still THREE more!

Cornerstone 2: I Love All Energy

You are going to release any notion of lack, less-than enough, or absence of love.

Rather than focusing on your story, you get to honor it and release the shackles it has placed around your energetic being.

As Dee leads you to choose a new direction, you can actually watch the energetic shift take place in your being. You get to choose to see a world that exists in full support of your greatest and highest good.

It’s time to see a world of pure, uplifting, supportive and brilliant creation.

The world is a safe place where you can create to your heart’s content. Join Dee in this heart-opening session and allow love to flow into and through your being.

Cornerstone 3: I Am Living In The Present Moment

This third exploratory adventure into the foundational cornerstones of your new life invites you to exist and create in peace.

This moment, right now,
is the only one you create within.

Today’s the day you get to cut your ties to the past, move out of a state of perceived abuse or misuse and shift your beliefs into present positivity.

In order to create, you don’t need to focus on what hasn’t worked or identify what you don’t want.

Dee teaches you to shift the energy of active creation and invites you into a new experience where all exists is this moment, right now.

There is nothing lacking from your life experience and nothing negative to be influenced by; rather, you are perfectly whole and complete, masterfully shaping this moment.

Cornerstone 4: I Am The Creation of Me

Accepting and owning that YOU are creating yourself solidifies your entire adventure into creation.

The universe has gifted you the opportunity to create this life and all that’s left is to embrace your gifts.

You, owning your creation, transforms any energy of lack into love, abundance, prosperity and positivity

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This is where all four cornerstones intersect and align to offer you the chance to pick new beliefs, new thoughts and new definitions in order to create your world.

Consciousness is inculcated and fully expressed in every moment of creation through this final cornerstone.

You are the creator of all possibilities... Even those you don’t yet know about.

PLUS, Dee is including an introduction to conscious creation that interweaves all the cornerstones and fully prepares you to make the most of this remarkable series of sessions.

But that’s not all she’s giving you...

THEN, she’s handing you a 21-day series of transformational sessions for fully loving yourself:

ITEM 3: 21-Day Gratitude of Self Love Package

Available as Digital Video, Audio and PDF Downloads (Retail Value $97)

21 day long celebration of You! Begin with an hour webinar where we come together in intention and focus.

Create the habit of loving yourself through 21 days of conscious practice.

Experience daily guided opportunities to enhance living in gratitude for the love of yourself!

Each day, for 21 consecutive days, Dee will send you guidance around how to physically and spiritually celebrate yourself that day...

These are easy, fun, quick little acknowledgements to your unique human potential.

Experience these daily guided opportunities to enhance living in gratitude for the love of yourself and discover how remarkably powerful a little daily self-gratitude can be.

And, because love is the answer that uplifts and expands all situations, you’re going to learn even greater self through...

ITEM 4: The I Love Me Playshop

Available as Digital Video Downloads (Retail Value $60)

This session was recorded LIVE so that you might expand through 5-hours of insight-packed content about loving yourself beyond all measure.

Your self-love is the basis of all creation and manifestation

Imagine waking up every day with a welling in your heart, overflowing with love for... you.

What would it feel like to be in love with someone who can never break you down, hurt you or lead you astray?

Consider the power of falling in love, once and for all, in the safest and most powerfully transformative way.

You will learn to fall in love with you and all that you are.

Have fun, shift loads of energy and experience love–and love for yourself–in a way that you never have before!

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You are SO ready for this opportunity to fall in love with all that you are, redefine what you need from this life and explore the limitlessness of your creative potential.

REMEMBER: You are here for a reason. The Universe is handing you this opportunity because you are ready for it. The expansion that lies ahead is here for you, at this distinct time in your life.

Self-love is the source of your creative potential and right here, through this limited special offer, you’re being handed the keys to your custom-designed kingdom.

Join Dee, learn to love YOU and begin finally living the remarkable life you know, deep down, that you’re capable of living.

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Dee Wallace

About Dee Wallace

Dee’s core message to the world is... “Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.”

She began her channeled healing work over twenty years ago when she dropped to her knees after her husband’s sudden death and asked for a way we could “heal ourselves.” Seconds later she received her first message: use the light within you to heal yourself. She has passionately been teaching the art of self creation ever since.

Dee has authored five books on the subject of self creation: Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! She conducts a live internet radio show each Sunday morning at 9 AM PST, and offers monthly webinars on a variety of creation subjects. She also conducts private sessions from her home in Woodland Hills via phone and in person.

As a much sought after speaker, Dee has spoken at numerous national and international venues including the Love and Harmony Forum in Japan, The Dillon Lecture Series, Unity Temple, The Kansas Film Commission, and this spring has been invited to introduce this valuable work to the people of China. And, she has appeared on every major news and talk show and has been featured on E! True Hollywood Stories, Oprah and The O’Reilly Factor.