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Enter Your Sacred Heart, Open and Activate Your Third Eye, and Ascend To the Most Miraculous Version of You!

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These are incredible times full of transformation and change. With this Special Offer From Healing With The Masters and Laurie Reyon as your waypoint, you have the ability to travel into an entirely new state of you and own the life and wisdom you were meant to have.

Achieve a new state of mind...

Learn from years of experience and wisdom that extends beyond our physical world...

Join Laurie, Puddah, the whales and dolphins as you discover what it means to love and understand the life you’re living.

This remarkable offer will give you the tools you need to maneuver during these powerful times.

Tune in as Laurie and Master Cat Puddah open your eyes to an entirely new world

Imagine that by the time you finish with these potent workshops, you will not only hold the wisdom of the ancients, know how to Ascend and live from your Sacred Heart, have a new light vehicle through which to travel these powerful times, but you will also be able to activate and maintain the opening of your Pineal Gland – your direct link to source.

Today marks the beginning of your transformation and progression into an entirely new state of being!

Your Package Includes:

Item 1: Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah Speak

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CDs (Retail Value $97)

Laurie Reyon is an Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer who is utilizing her gifts to make the animal and Angelic messages known and accessible to everyone. It is her intention to help you move into your heart and raise your personal vibration by tapping into the highest version of your Self.

She has been listening to and working with the consciousness and healing energies of the Whales and Dolphins for over 18 years and has been translating their wisdom into messages for humanity. As a result, you have access to a compilation of invaluable insight and information. Through this special offer, Laurie and Puddah serve as your resources and windows into profound understanding.

She has been named “Standing Whale Mother” by the Native Americans and brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins directly to you, guided by Spirit and energy of Master Cat Puddah.

Laurie is the human mother and partner for Master Cat Puddah – together, they lovingly co-create their lives and have poured themselves into creating this transformational CD just for you.

Master Cat Puddah is a being of Ascended Master Energy who has been Laurie’s teacher and inspiration since they connected telepathically roughly eighteen years ago. Through Puddah, Laurie has achieved a great deal of wisdom, more healing, and remembrance of her stay lineage.

Laurie recognizes the Cetaceans as the ancient Beings on this planet and acknowledges the whales and the dolphins as way-showers for all of humanity.

Because she has evolved to become the voice of the whales and dolphins, she is able to offer their healing energies, meditations, and spread their message of transformation. In fact, Laurie just received information from the Whales and the Dolphins regarding how to use their energy to activate and calibrate the Human DNA and to assist humans in preparing for Ascension.

You get all the benefit and will learn how to calibrate your own DNA for Ascension through these tracks!

In preparation for this special offer, Master Puddah shared: “I bring awareness or remembrance of Love from the Creator and One Source. I give birth to a Higher Love whenever that intent is given or allowed for in my presence.”

Tap into your higher self and the wisdom of the whales and dolphins through three guided meditations, Master Puddah’s Sacred Song, direct messages from the whales and dolphins, and The Service Prayer. This is truly an incredible opportunity to tap into a new form of conscious awareness and gain a deeper understanding of this world and beyond.

Item 2: Living Merkaba Process and Sacred Geometrires Workshop

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CDs (Retail Value $77)

There is a light vehicle waiting for you; in fact, it’s your birthright.

Once embraced as part of your energy field, it allows you to experience the most amazing energies and opens you to a level of flow that can only be described as delightful and amazing.

The Living Merkaba Process & Sacred Geometries Workshop was developed by Drunvalo Melchizedek and is taught here by the remarkable Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah.

Put simply, this workshop literally lights up your life.

This activation and daily processes from this workshop help you make conscious contact with your higher self – aligning your mind, body, and heart.

The Merkaba is your personal inter-dimensional Living Light vehicle to help you achieve an original state of consciousness. This assists you in your direct and intimate connection to source energy.

The Merkaba is a potential of the geometric fields of light and is created through consciousness and personal activation. In this workshop, you are guided to understand and examine the Star Tetrahedron, the Source of All Geometric Fields around the Body, and begin practicing Spherical Breathing and the remembrance of the Living Merkaba.

You learn the sacred breaths of 1 through 17 that balance the polarities within your eight electrical circuits, establish proper pranic flow through your chakra system, and create the Vehicle of Ascension to complete the Living Merkaba Meditation.

This Sacred Process Permanently Changes You

There is an energy flow through the chakras. From the chakras, the meridians reach each cell in the body. Then there is the prana field close to the body, which is generated by the chakra/meridian flow. Next there is an auric field that extends out a few feet – this is generated by our thoughts and feelings or emotions and is surrounded by an egg-shaped energy field. Out past the egg we begin to see the geometric fields of light that make up the human Lightbody.

The Merkaba is a potential of this geometric field of light and is created through consciousness. The human being is surrounded by numerous electromagnetic geometric fields of energy within this dimension. The Merkaba extends into all possible dimensions, and in each dimension uses the laws of that dimension to manifest.

The Star Tetrahedron of the Merkaba is the Source of All Geometric Fields around the Body: If you were to follow the energy lines of the star-tetrahedral field to their source within the body, you would be looking at the tiny star-tetrahedral field of the original eight cells (the Egg of Life), located in the exact geometric center of the body.

The creation of life is geometric. Mitosis moves through sphere, to tetrahedron, to star tetrahedron, to cube, back sphere, and finally to torus.

The information presented in the Living Merkaba workshop was collected from "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Volume 2" by Drunvalo Melchizedek and edited for simplicity and clarity by Laurie Reyon Anderson of "Reyon & Puddah Speak" Classes.

Begin creating your future and experience a series of processes that will literally change your life forever.

Item 3: Opening and Activating the Third Eye and Pineal Gland

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CDs (Retail Value $77)

In this sacred and moving workshop you experience the concept of deeply living and creating from the heart: creating a state of instant manifestation in your life.

Come to understand the two emotional bodies that are connected to the heart and brain, and connect to the 8 beams of light that emanate from your Pineal Gland or third eye.

Through this workshop you actually adjust and attune your own 8 beams of light that connect to the 8 original cells in the body and learn an exercise to balance and program them for your Self and for others.

This unique process assists in establishing and creating alchemy in our lives. To tune you into your natural abilities, create alpha, and ultimately theta waves at will!

In addition to mastering the alchemy of your life, you also lean how to enter your Sacred Heart and practice a Sufi Meditation to assist you in a deeper heart connection, move into a deeper connection to your own being, and connect to others.

And experience four different Merkaba programs (expanding the teachings in the Living Merkaba Process) for a deeper connection to your living Light Field.

Imagine your movement into a profound place of love for all life using ancient techniques that accelerate the creation of alpha and theta waves from your Pineal Gland – expanding, enhancing and opening all your natural gifts, connections and abilities.

This workshop moves you directly into the next and greatest expression of YOU.

Item 4: The Ascension Guidance – Living In Your Sacred Heart: Your Original Instructions For Life

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CDs (Retail Value $18)

This downloadable MP3 or hard-copy CD allows you to internalize and grow through all of the content contained in Laurie and Puddah’s recent film, Ascension Guidance whenever you like and wherever you are. Join Laurie Reyon, Master Cat Puddah, the Whales and dolphins as they guide you through an incredible audio series that completely changes the way you see and interact with your world. This is truly a remarkable work of auditory art and is sure to change your life!

Have you ever wished that you had a guidebook or instruction that would help you Ascend to the most vibrant and energetically glowing version of yourself?

Now you do!

Take vital hints from the animal kingdom and utilize these initiatory tools and meditations to thrive and maximize your transition in and through this incredible year of 2012 and beyond!

The dolphins are emissaries of Light and work closely with the Pleidian Beings to assist everyone in becoming a conscious Creator. The whales are the ancients, the elders, and are the greatest healers we will know throughout our many journeys and lifetimes upon this planet we call Earth.

The Universe is one living breathing conscious Being demonstrating interconnectedness and oneness. The incarnated whales are an example of the all loving, all knowing consciousness that came to planet earth to be a steward for Gaia and for humanity.

As a species, the whales and dolphins are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved souls in our world and they anchor light beamed to Earth from distant sources. Using their Living Light Fields, known as the Merkaba they align with the frequency and resonance of Gaia or Mother Earth. The whales have held the highest incarnated vibration on the planet for eons and also hold the resonance or frequency that is the heartbeat for Gaia.

Understand Ascension, obtain four incredible processes that initiate your Ascension process and nine more that build a sound foundation for your journey, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. Then, see how the whales and dolphins play an unmistakable part in your life and obtain two more prayers to help you align with your new state of mind and knowing.

This is your opportunity to Ascend, join Laurie and Puddah to move into your Sacred Heart and step into your Light!

You, as you are now, have the ability to change the world. You are powerful enough and have access to the wisdom that enables you to create what you desire and exist as the highest version of your Self.

Take this opportunity to consider how profound an impact these meditations, processes, this ancient wisdom, and workshops will have on your daily life.

Join Laurie and Puddah as they guide you into the life you were meant to live. Have the impact you were born for, open your direct connection to Source, and know how to maximize the miraculous shifts occurring all around you, all through this special offer.

Rather than pursue the individual parts of this offer and pay upwards of $270, you can dramatically change your life for as little as $97. That’s more than 50% off!

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Managing Stress, Creating Vibrant Health, Finding Love
~ Volume 10 Starts Sept 11 2012 ~

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About Laurie Reyon:

Laurie Reyon is an internationally known Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer. Laurie’s gift allows her to speak to the animals and the Angels and then translate their messages to humanity. She recognizes the cetaceans as the ancients Beings on this planet. Her work involves communication and healing with the dolphins and whales of earth. Reyon recognizes the great whales as Master Healers and offers healing sessions and workshops where people can interact with their energy and intelligence.

Currently, Reyon and and Master Cat Puddah work as a team, offering many classes, Life Path Angelic and Akashic Record consultations, Animal communication, Self-Discovery & Empowerment Workshops, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Healing and Clearing with Dolphins and Whales workshops. They also facilitate boat trips that provide opportunities for viewing and communicating with the dolphins and frequently whales.

Laurie has been named “Standing Whale Mother” by the Native Americans and she brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins to the people, guided by Spirit and the energy of Master Cat Puddah.