A part time healer for more than 18 years Jennifer matched her dichotomous careers as a marketing and business strategist AND her part time healing practice to create a unique business opportunity... using sound business practices to create an online health and wellness empire.

The ultimate goal is to act as a conduit and an amplifier to share her and others sacred inspirations and visions on a large scale to encourage and empower shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. Jennifer through McLean MasterWorks is committed to the growth and evolvement of those who interact with the company and its products and services... nurturing all of our unique human potential and creating forgiveness, release, financial abundance and joy along the way. McLean MasterWorks and Jennifer share new models of consciousness shining the light of “the art of life mastery” to all.


McLean MasterWorks is a force in the Human Potential Movement with its renowned sub-brands Healing With The Masters - a Teleseminar intensive that brings audience of 90,000 + the best known leaders in spirituality and wellness offering solutions, tips and techniques for creating a higher vibrating and successful life. McLean MasterWorks also delivers the industry leading membership site MasterWorks Healing, delivering profound group coaching experiences with live weekly shows including Jennifer's advanced Body Dialoging healing show 3 Saturdays a month.