Now is your time to discover what Gaia (Mother Earth) has in store for your life, on your terms, based on your schedule and available whenever you are! McLean MasterWorks and Pepper Lewis have come together to offer you three transformational packages that will shift the way you see your life path and interact with the world. They couldn’t be more excited about the effect these offers will have on your life and Self.

This is the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of; your eyes will be opened as you:

Reach a new level of consciousness

Harness new skills to elevate your life beyond your wildest expectations

Acquire a limitless supply of inspiration

Live in the new, NOW world with Gaia as your guide and teacher






This remarkable course gives you a life-changing 10-week online course with lessons available on-demand to fit your schedule. You’ll receive channeled video, exercises for you-from Gaia, and an interactive journal to give you clarity during these fast-paced times.

Learn to build a long-lasting relationship with the self you have been waiting to become and utilize the forces of Gaia and the Universe – they are always available to you, discover how!

The DVD version will give you the same information just in a different format... you can expect to recieive the same life-changing information including, channeled information, exercises for you-from Gaia.

Take advantage of this course and you will surely renew your divine spark and explore new tools as Gaia offers you skills for a new, now world!



  • A weekly lesson of written guidance from Pepper and Gaia. Each week you will be sent an email announcing the next available lesson. You will be given online access to your personal account where you can return to each lesson at any time – completely on you terms. And, after the 10 weeks are up, you will continue to have unlimited access to the full course!

  • A video or audio portion for each lesson designed to bring you even closer to the messages of Gaia. These media portions of the course include a channeled message from Gaia, as well as the wisdom and practical teaching to implement each skill.

  • An online journal for exploring and applying the new techniques to your life. This journal is password-protected and seen only by you.

  • An activity designed for hands-on experience to access new tools of inspiration. Each activity will lead you on a journey of deeper self-discovery.

  • Learn who the new you is, discover who you can become, and thrive through this unique opportunity to reach out to Gaia!

DVD VERSION Includes: The amazing video content condensed into a DVD with the same exercises, techniques and channelings in a single DVD format.



New chapters begin with an inner knowledge that your time has come, so take a deep breath and know that your time is now.

Your long-held vision of the life you have always wanted to live is currently unfolding in your favor. Take advantage of this opportunity to quicken its pace!

You will discover who and what decides when it is time for a new chapter, and how to insight lasting and temporary change. You will develop early detection of messages and messengers and be able to compassionately and responsibly dissolve activities and relationships that are no longer useful.

You will learn how to recognize, activate, and enhance positive change and know how to develop an ongoing intuitive sense of who you are and what you want as you receive gentle preparation for change in the near future. Lastly, you will use the Soul and Personality connection to balance your inner and outer worlds – helping you to achieve complete peace and spiritual balance. This was designed for you, with your growth in mind. Take this opportunity to learn more about your Self in a truly open and gentle manner while reshaping your priorities for a new life!



How do you choose your next life? How do you know when to begin anew and when to end it? What do you do between the lives you lead? What is it really like to be born and what does a "peaceful transition" really mean? Where did you come from and where are you going? Who or what guides the transformational process and what is the wisdom behind your purpose and many lifetimes?

All of these questions and many, many more are explored and answered in this beautifully crafted series. You will gain rich, profound and detail-packed guidance from beginning to end and will have the perfect compliment to unravel all of the times you’ve asked "Why?"

This is your time to get the answers you need in a safe, graceful, and patient setting. Pepper Lewis will ensure that your needs are met and will provide you with the information you desire as life continues to change and more questions arise. Your life changed, your questions answered, your growth achieved!

This is your chance to move forward and glide from your present state to your next level of elevation. Discover what Gaia has in store for your future, see your path and the signs that lead you from one life to the next and learn how to act on that purpose through these unbelievable, brand-new packages from Healing With The Masters and Pepper Lewis. This is your time, take advantage of the gifts that await you and begin living your new life, TODAY!




Pepper Lewis is a world-renowned author, teacher and channel. She has been the primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years and has carried Gaia's unique wisdom and guidance to many corners of the globe. Her channeling is rich, clear and profound. Pepper is the author of dozens of audio programs and five books, Gaia Speaks: Sacred Earth Wisdom, Gaia Speaks: Wisdom for an Awakening Humanity, and Gaia Speaks: Solutions for a Small Planet, Vol. I and II, as well as Transition Now.

Pepper is passionate about passing her art on to others and has developed an exceptional program for teaching channeling to every skill level from beginner to professional. Her unique methods are a blend of time-honored traditions with a few new twists on an ancient art. Pepper explains her passion as follows: "channeling continues to be a mutually enriching synthesis of prayer and meditation. In prayer, you offer gratitude and ask, and in meditation you receive answers. In channeling you can do both at the same time. It is the most fulfilling practice I know."

Pepper lives in the hills above Ashland, Oregon. She can be reached through her website, as well as on Facebook.


Gaia (the sentience/soul that animates the Earth) is humanity's partner, caregiver and creative resource. Gaia animates the planet, gives it purpose and makes life on Earth possible. Her words are soothing and uplifting, sometimes gently stern, endlessly compassionate, a little humorous, and somehow strangely familiar.

We receive Gaia's guidance through the gift of channeling, a form of communication that allows the qualities of higher frequencies and dimensions to be heard and felt in our own language. Channeling is unique in that the messages are designed to touch each of us in an individual and purposeful way. It is likely that you will feel Gaia’s energy profoundly and be able to recognize its "compassionate corrections" in several areas of your life.

Gaia is truly the sentience of the Earth. She is to the planet what our souls are to us: a nonphysical pure awareness that is alive, awake and in service 100% of the time. Gaia guides and enlivens all that is upon and within the planet. She animates the air we breathe and the water we drink yet is so much more than that. Gaia's words are warm and endearing, they are the words of a mother who loves unconditionally and does not judge, not even those who harm her out of ignorance or arrogance. Her words are practical and precise, they are meant for this time and for everyone within earshot.