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Masterworks Healing Membership Site PRESENTS... PREPARE FOR 2013 FREE Workshop

WE MADE IT... 2012 is almost a thing of the past. NOW IS THE TIME to invest in the new Aquarian energies available to you.

This year of 2012 has delivered on the promise of massive shifts in energy.

We have not talked to ANYONE who hasn’t experienced major life challenges, shifts in perception, and downright life-altering moments this past year.

I want to acknowledge the journey you have taken - the commitment to a new state of being in which you have engaged. I know that you have done these things because you are here reading these words.

So many are asking:

We would love for you to come and explore with us the, “now what” that is here for YOU.

Frankly, we are kind of glad 2012 is melting into the fabric of our past. Now it is time to get down and into these new powerful energies of the Aquarian age.

We have an opportunity now to leverage the awakenings so many on this planet experienced this past year.

This is your opportunity to create peace in your life and the lives of friends, families AND every single being on this magnificent blue planet of possibility

The unwinding of the old is here...

  • Have you been feeling the nudge of a new life tugging at your soul yet still feel chained to your past?
  • Are you still "hungover" from the sledgehammer of the big honkin' life changes that seemed to have pushed you beyond sanity?
  • Are physical discomfort, headaches, body aches, old chronic health issues seemingly re-appearing or still not resolved?

We are here to tell you that these are powerful symptoms... well, really symbols, of a new set of possibilities

These are nudgings and guideposts moving you inexorably to a life so commanding and potent, that this is how your own soul needs to get your attention for this huge and important shift in your beingness.

If you are still struggling with these concepts OR ready to take the next step, then we have something really special for you...

Get READY to LEAP into the NEXT phase of this new process of BEING...<

We invite you to JOIN US for THREE, life-empowering, frequency raising, heart opening shows to truly make THE ENERGETIC shift into your new life.

We are offering you these three powerful shows to assist you in deeply processing and lovingly embracing the new you in the Aquarian energies - what many are calling The New Golden Age.

This powerful three-show workshop will use healing tools, techniques and processes of the highest transformational and vibrational energies to clear old, limiting overlays and open you to the truth of your brightest being of love and light... the brightest emanation of the divine, the grandest co-creator of your universe.

What To Expect:

You will spend THREE evenings with Jennifer McLean - renowned Healer, Speaker, Author and Sound Vibration Practitioner (you might also know her as the Host of Healing With The Masters). Jennifer brings 20 years of healing expertise and has supported hundreds of thousands in their transformation.

Her unique intuitive abilities tap into the energy of the audience and allow her to flow into a level of vibrational therapy, creating openings, new perceptions and dramatic energetic shifts.

The spontaneous results you will experience are proven. You might even feel yourself moving into the brilliance of your nature as you simply tap into this special program reading these words. (Can you feel it?)

Many have seen immediate results in lessening of pain and dis-ease, expansion of abundance and a general feeling of “all is possible.”

When you arrive at the end of this workshop, you will simply not be the same. There might just be a new light in your step and a sense that life is here FOR you and ready to support you in whatever's next. Wouldn't THAT be nice?

Here you will...

  • Review the year of 2012 and discover with tremendous clarity the “lessons learned”
  • Clear and unwind the old debris of the Piscean age
  • Release energies from this era that created perceived blocks and obstacles to transformation
  • Open your consciousness into the new field of possibilities your are creating in this new Aquarian energy signature
  • Gain access to your gifts and purpose for 2013 and beyond
  • Use Jennifer’s powerful set of healing tools: Soul Thread Patterns, Body Dialoging, Sound vibration Soul Songs, Ho’oponopono, appreciation prayer work and more
  • Discover your “sacred chamber” - the most profound point of manifestation and use it to access your life’s work
  • Re-Pattern past hurts and events into new cycles of love and freedom.



JUST REGISTER and you will be able to experience each of these three healing workshop shows absolutely FREE.

In addition to experiencing the live show, you will have 48 hours to listen and experience each show in a replay format. (There will also be an opportunity to join MasterWorks Healing Membership Site and OWN THIS SERIES if you choose --this is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. The workshop is completely free.)

Each of these three shows is designed to build on the other, so each night will allow you to release more and more and open your heart, mind and ego to the greatest and most expansive year of recorded human history.

IMAGINE using the energies of these last powerful days of 2012 to gain the highest vibrational resonance and applying that to your life’s work, passions and mission.

That is what is here for you... guiding you... to... YOU.


WHY IS IT FREE? Some of you might be asking, what’s the catch why is this free? Well the first and foremost reason is our mission statement: McLean MasterWorks is a conduit and amplifier to encourage and empower transformational shifts in perception, ultimately increasing global consciousness and peace on the planet. So this program matches that mission of service... to guide you to the light that you are. Secondly, this also gives you a chance to sample our work and the option to consider purchasing this product, another product or becoming a member of our MasterWorks Healing Membership (you will be guided to a special half price offering on the next screen), that continues this kind of work each and every week with members. In order to run the multiple dozens of free shows we offer, delivering the powerful shifts that hundreds of thousands of participants have experienced, we also run a business. Your support of the products assists us in keeping these many programs free to so many. So, in advance thanks for your support. Just by participating in this free offering you are helping us meet our mission. THEN if you are resonating with a product or becoming a member, you are helping not only yourself but the planet... and we in turn THANK YOU for that. Win, win, wins all the way around!


Internationally acclaimed healer, author and creator of The Body Dialog system of healing, and sound vibration facilitator, Jennifer McLean is a spiritual catalyst. Intelligent, heart-centered and mindful, Jennifer works with the acclaimed masters from the transformational thought and wellness communities, amplifying their teachings through Healing With The Masters, one of the largest and most successful online teleseminars in the human potential movement.

She is able to deliver her own content and the insights from the speakers at a level her audience can absorb, no matter where they are in their own spiritual journey. This valuable amplification skill combined with Jennifer’s intention to be a beacon of love, peace and light, has allowed her, in a few short years, to build a successful international business from the ground up.

Trained in various healing modalities, Jennifer was inspired to create Body Dialoging, an innovative technique that shifts energy held in the body in order to create profound healing.

Jennifer has authored two critically acclaimed books, The Big Book of You, a motivational, poetic, spiritual and visual coffee table book filled with inspiration and valuable insight, as well as, The Credibility Factor, based on her credibility branding model.

Jennifer also facilitates the healing site MasterWorks Healing Membership Site, a space for prominent healers to offer one-on-one sessions to members in a group-coaching environment utilizing their individual techniques. Members of the site regularly participate in group Body Dialoging healing sessions with Jennifer with amazing results.