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If Esther Hicks Began Channelling Abraham From
THEO's Inspiration... What Can YOU Create?

We have taken THE BEST of THEO channelling and put them together in several themes PLUS meditations and packaged it up for THE VERY FIRST TIME...

You Won't Find This Material ANYWHERE ELSE!!


THEO, Sheila and Marcus went into their archives and found the very best and most relevant material for this time and space of humanity's (and YOUR) evolution. They created this set of products JUST for you, our Healing With The Masters audience.

Here you will find an amazing array of compelling information, insights, techniques, 12 separate meditations, and big huge energy...

... all designed to move you to a whole new level of power, manifestation, relationships and mastery.

Each audio offered in the package is specifically directed to assist you in obtaining the highest level of vibration around these topics and meditations... if, right now you move your attention to your vibration within these audios in hand, you can instantly feel the power held there for you.


  • 7 CD Set: ASK THEO LIVE - Manifestation
  • 6 CD Set: ASK THEO LIVE - Sacred Relationships
  • 6 CD Set: ASK THEO LIVE - Your Path To Mastery
  • 6 CD Set: ASK THEO LIVE - Messages from the Masters
  • 3 CDs (12 MEDITATIONS!): THEO Guided Meditations



THEO and the team have handpicked the the most exciting shows on Manifestation, Sacred Relationships, Your Path to Mastery, and Messages from the Masters, just for this community - AKA YOU!

The following 4 products represent THE BEST OF ASK THEO LIVE Radio Show. Each has been chosen to support you with the information and vibrations you require RIGHT NOW to move into the next highest version of your life, at this crucial place and time on the planet

Item 1) 6 CD Set - Manifestation (Retail value $67)

Law of Attraction
Breaking Through Resistance
The Energy of Money
Creating Your Dream Job
Rewrite the Script

BONUS - Soul Integration 101

All souls strive for peace, for happiness and contentment. Whether working toward a better relationship, career, financial stability, or just a better understanding of others, we create that which we experience. It is because of this, we all are trying to become better at manifestation. The information shared by THEO gives us tools to understand how to work through the resistance and stumbling blocks we encounter, how to better focus and create that which we truly desire.

"When there is a desire, there is a creation of a thought that is a bridge to the creative universal energy for manifestation. Integrating on a soul level, coming from a self-centeredness and wholeness, knowing that one is worthy of all that they desire is the key to receiving those manifestations." - THEO

Learning to focus your energy can help you create the life you desire, giving you a true life of purpose and fulfillment. Whether you are working through great resistance or fine tuning your skills, THEO shares their wisdom to help you achieve improved wellbeing and inner peace.

PLUS BONUS audio: "Soul Integration 101"

Item 2) 7 CD Set - Sacred Relationships (Retail value $67)

Your Authentic Self
Love and Relationships
Honorable Separation with guest Sabrina Fox
Connecting with Soul Family
Communicating with Deceased Loved Ones
Children and Parenting

"When you see the best in each other it is only a reflection of the best in you." - THEO

This collection encompasses topics regarding the sacred relationships in our lives; relationships with partners, children, family, friends, and most importantly the relationship with self. As THEO points out, learning to navigate relationships is paramount, as emotional learning is what it is all about. Are you looking to connect with a soul mate or soul family? Have you ever wondered when to enter and when to leave a relationship? Do you value your family and friends over yourself? While we all know it's important, we could often use support and confirmation on how to honor others while honoring ourselves.

"It is to come together in relationships and to be fully present within them, in that environment of what one manifests in one's experience. For the soul, and one must trust this, manifests perfectly along one's path what is appropriate for the growth, for relationships, for experiences. There are no wrong choices." - THEO

Advanced Forgiveness with guest Gary Renard
Getting Unstuck
The Dream State with guest Regina Meredith
Attitude of Gratitude
Near Death Experiences with guest Peter Shockey

Many of us are searching to understand the energy shift about us and our planet, often feeling overwhelmed and confused. This power packed collection is geared to those searching for ways to better understand this shift, connect with the higher self, relinquish the patterns of the past and thrive in the energy of today. The information provided will help to illuminate the process of soul integration; enabling us to feel more peace and joy in our day to day experience. The collection includes intriguing conversation with THEO, Sheila and Marcus, their audience and experts such as:

Gary Renard --- Author of The Disappearance of the Universe and renowned teacher of A Course In Miracles

Regina Meredith --- Executive Producer and Host of Conscious Media Network

Peter Shockey --- Acclaimed film-maker and screenwriter, including the film "Life After Life"

"To be fully integrated on the soul level, fully aware, masterful, as it were, of who you are, you are enlightened. For then there is the lightness of heart, the lightness of being, the wholeness of being. Discover the ecstatic feelings and be open and receptive to all there is to experience. That is the time that you are moving into. It is that fuller awareness of the spiritual beingness of self that is no longer limited linearly, and can bring forth and experience many things of great wonder, that brings about total acceptance, the ability to fully love the self. It is that which is fulfillment of heart, joy, peace." - THEO

Item 4) 7 CD Set - Messages from the Masters (Retail value $77)

True Life and Teachings of Jesus
Messages from Mother Mary with guest Robin Rose
What Would You Ask Jesus with guest Simran Singh
If You Could Ask God One Question
Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides

Throughout time there have been great spiritual masters, leaders with common messages that have crossed all time and cultures. As we are now moving ever faster toward a higher vibrational global energy, this collection will help you clarify the messages and illuminate the truth supporting you on your path of enlightenment. This is an intriguing collection of discussions about what history has told us about God, Jesus, and Mother Mary with perhaps a new perspective. Listen as THEO answers questions about why we're here, the life of Jesus after the crucifixion, Mother Mary's experience as a master healer as well as learn how to connect to your own angelic guidance. This collection also includes THEO describing themselves and their reason for speaking through Sheila during this time of grand change.

"Spiritually aligned teachers and leaders for this world in the sense of alignment to God and angelic beings come forth to share enlightenment with humanity. The teaching is that all human beings, all human kind, have the ability to manifest, to create, to be of great strength and awareness. Never before have humans been in such a refined energy state until now, so they can accept the Christos or Christ energy within themselves, it is time for it. Grand evolution brings about this common unity of human kind in this energy field. You've been living into it." - THEO

Item 5) 3 Individual CDs -Theo Guided Meditations (Retail Value $99.95)

THEO teaches us that the power of meditation extends from the physical to the spiritual and is a pure rest for the body, an excellent environment to place positive intention and a quiet space to communicate with your higher self. THEO recommends daily meditation saying it doesn't have to be for long periods of time the key is to do it habitually. Let THEO guide you into a higher state of consciousness.

We've combined 12 THEO Guided Meditations into one product offering
just for Healing with the Masters!

The meditations are created to provide the listener with a very specific experience that is fused with THEO's choice of words and the heightened vibrational frequency as they are spoken. Each meditation will take you to a different place within yourself, creating a unique and, oftentimes, extraordinary outcome. Listening times range from 16 to 24 minutes each.

Theo Guided Meditations Disc 1

Multi-Dimensional Experiences
'An awareness of on being more than the physical body'
'All your dreams and desires can be met'
Soul Integration
'Integration of the fragmented aspects of the Soul into the wholeness of being'
The Rays of Enlightenment
'You are the effervescent, colorful ray of the Soul'
Angel Voices music by Jeff Lantz

Theo Guided Meditations Disc 2

The Heart Opening
'Creates an openness to guidance from the Soul'
Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides
'To know that one is not alone, and that assistance is ever-present'
Healing the Physical Body
'Recognizing one's wholeness, uniqueness and divinity'
Into The Heart of God
'Finding comfort in the heart of God'
Angel Voices music by Jeff Lantz

Theo Guided Meditations Disc 3

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency
'A raise to that which is the ultimate connection to Soul'
Out of Body Experience
'You are more than your physical body'
'A gracious heart is an open heart'
Expression of Masterhood
'Recognizing the unique divinity that you are'
Tibetan Singing Bowl Music by Bradford Smith

"Listen with the heart. Absorb and digest the message, and implement the skills that are given to enhance one's life experience. For those truths do come forward as tools to be utilized in the human experience, to allow one to be fully realized. So we implore humanity to listen, to take within the heart the truths that are spoken, the truths that are given, the truths that are absorbed, and to live them fully. As one lives them, and at times, seemingly illogically for some, for it is living from the heart, not the intellect. When we speak of heart, we speak of the soul, for the soul knows fully and manifests fully what is most appropriate and for the highest good of itself." - THEO

These 8 products consisting of compelling information, insights, techniques, 12 separate meditations, and big huge energy (retail value of $410.95) are yours for an astonishing:



Your CDs will be sent within 4 - 6 weeks... We don't warehouse
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"As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before."
- Esther Hicks bestselling author and channel for Abraham

"THEO offers incredibly inspiring, authentic, and usable information.... this is VERY high vibrating material, that will take you to a new dimension within --creating new realities out side yourself."
- Jennifer McLean Host of Healing with the Masters

"As Executive Producer and host of Conscious Media Network I'm regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and the THEO group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth. THEO communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. THEO provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way."
- Regina Meredith

"THEO's wisdom is direct, clear, and uplifting. Anyone who takes these teachings to heart will advance spiritually and enjoy deeper peace and enriched relationships with Spirit, self and others. I am grateful that this voice of higher truth is touching many people through the dedicated service of Sheila and Marcus."
- Alan Cohen - Bestselling author of 'I Had it All the Time', and many other books.

"I've come to learn that what you can use to kind of have a gage to tell if people are really giving something valuable is simply the quality of the information that they give. And you give a very high quality of information."
- Gary Renard - author of the bestselling The Disappearance of the Universe

"Sheila & Marcus Gillette are conducting amazing work on the planet. Their sincerity and commitment is so visible and profound. I deeply enjoyed, not only interviewing them for both 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, but it was also a pleasure hosting them at the Believe Center, where we had individuals from 10 states in attendance."
- Simran Singh, Publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio

"There are so many matters that THEO has cleared up for me, either by confirming something that I had already learned on my spiritual journey, or by answering a question. I have been able to do quite a bit of soul integration work by recognizing and parenting some of my orphans. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be used .Your willingness to channel and promote THEO has helped a multitude of people on their spiritual journey."
- Martin, New York

"I am so thrilled to be connected to you. I now realize that you are the 'Sheila' that Esther Hicks speaks of. Thank you for your gift and for your hope in all of us. We are all here now together."
- Carolyn, Virginia

"After listening to the past two episodes I started crying tears of deep joy. I feel like there is something with the message and the truth of that message that resonates deep within me. I am so glad that I found both of you and THEO!"
- Tya - United States

"I just want to thank you so much the channeling with THEO was fantastic."
- Lars, Sweden

"Keep up the great work--you are changing lives."
- David, United States

"It was awesome to spend time with Sheila, Marcus and THEO. The love that emanates from THEO is so ineffable and lovely. I am so appreciative of all the work that Sheila and Marcus do to share THEO's light, wisdom and love with the public."
- Suzi, United States

"Just wanted to say all the gratitude of my heart for bringing THEO to the radio show. The honesty and genuineness witnessed during the shows are truly inspiring, but more importantly it is changing my perception of reality."
- Genevieve

"What a magical moment to feel that energy and cellular buzz from THEO, live! The radio shows are awesome also and I'm always so impatient to tune in on Tuesdays, and then to download the podcast and listen to it all over again, until next Tuesday!"
- Ohvie, Florida

"I am over the moon with gratitude to yourselves and THEO for your help today. I really am overcome and feel better already. I NOW make a new beginning with this new mindset that will grow ever more strongly as I use the affirmation that THEO gave me. May you be ever more abundantly graced... How can I thank you... Ever yours in gratitude."
- Anita, Ireland

"Dear Sheila and Marcus, I listen to the Ask THEO radio show each week and wanted to write to thank you for sharing THEO with the world. I also want to let you know of the profound value I continue to receive from the private reading I had with Sheila and THEO nearly four months ago. Sheila is so gentle and gracious and THEO comes through with so much love. The reading has helped me release a lifetime of hurt and torment and so many doors have been opening for me since. It's so helpful to be able to listen to the recording whenever I wish because it helps me reaffirm some things and I get something new out of it each time I hear THEO's wisdom."
- Jackie, New Jersey

"Dear Marcus, Sheila and THEO - I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your teachings. I was not raised with any religion or beliefs. I am 40 years old. So for 40 years I have been walking on empty. My friend told me about you and it truly has changed me. I finally have a something I believe in. Your teaching resonates so deeply with in me, I can't get enough! I devoured your book and your podcasts! Thank you thank you thank you. You are a blessing and a gift."
- Kelly

"I stand in my Divine potential to create a brand new day, thank you for this amazing gift. I hope that people who feel lost, find their Divine potential and flow in the stream of the wonderful, amazing, gifts that they have. Sheila and Marcus you are blessed with a gift to guide people to the Most High. It comes with a great responsibility. So I must tell you that I honor your being. I am proud to have crossed my path with yours."
- Dianne, New York

"I've just listened to the meditation 'Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides' and I have to say that this is the sweetest most intimate meditation I have ever experienced. Thank You all again."
- Lin, Australia

"I begin to feel the Master that I am very definitely awakening. There are no words sufficient to thank you for such a gift. I understand that I am already upon that path of fulfillment and awakening, but nevertheless, you and THEO are instrumental in motivating and guiding me. So, thank you."
- Richard, Connecticut

"I just listened to my first guided meditation from THEO. I usually steer clear of guided meditations, preferring to meditate on my own, but this was a powerful experience. I felt so good, alive and happy afterward and I hope to make that feeling last all day and I am looking forward to the next sitting tomorrow."
- Griffin, United States

"Your radio show was a godsend to me (literally). THEO's advice helped me SO MUCH with releasing an energetic entanglement. I've been able to release the resentment and the fear more fully, and share blessings and love with that person's soul for the growth experience. Also, in discussing this issue and THEO's advice with a couple of my friends, they were also guided to use THEO's words in situations of their own that needed release/clearing. I'm so very grateful and encouraged when I hear this information!"
- S., Florida

"It was so wonderful talking with THEO. They have answered all my questions.....thank you for offering this to the world. You guys are heaven sent."
- Rajee

"I am grateful to you for the powerful vibration you bring to the planet and the beautiful work you are doing."
- Cherie, Tennessee

"I'm writing to say thank you so very much about the Jesus audio, I had catholic background which I didn't like since before I started to think and know the historic background behind the church. I have to confess that until today I jumped at the words Jesus and G'm excited. Thank you both for your work!"
- Rafael, Brazil

"I began reading The Soul Truth this past Sunday morning and did not want to put it down. I cannot express in strong enough words my gratitude to you for having written it."
- Tara, Wisconsin

"I asked the question about being almost paralyzed with fear regarding money.....THEO was exactly right with their answer. I just wanted you to know that when I woke up this morning, for the first time in many weeks I did not have any of that fear present! Thank you so much for your loving presence and help. What an amazing blessing you are to me and to the world."
- Trisha


Sheila Gillette:


Do you remember the story Esther Hicks told about how she got started with Abraham? She had seen Sheila who channeled THEO and the rest is history. Sheila will be here now offering her channeled wisdoms to all of us...

Unparalleled to any time in history, humanity finds itself in the midst of extreme polarities and rapidly changing times. Many are asking themselves, "How can the human race possibly survive such environmental destruction, economic devastation, political corruption and deep-rooted social problems?," "What does all this mean?," and "What will come of our planet?" There's an urgency to these challenges and yet some sense an unprecedented opportunity to create a global vision founded on peace, prosperity and compassion.

Answers to these questions have come for several decades from a perhaps unlikely source: the collective voice of twelve angelic beings channeled through renowned spiritual medium, Sheila Gillette. For four decades, this group known together as THEO has been explaining modern paradoxes and seemingly insurmountable challenges. As Sheila and her husband, Marcus, have realized through THEO's teachings, our world is undergoing a profound spiritual upheaval, the result of which will be the dissolution of tired political, economic and social systems and the emergence of a better way of life for all people.

By learning to access the realms where miracles are created, you can join the millions of ordinary people now having extraordinary experiences. Sheila has been the direct voice channel for THEO since 1969, spreading THEO's message in workshops, seminars, and group and private counseling sessions.

Brought to you by McLean MasterWorks in Partnership with Sheila Gillette

The information provided though Healing With The Masters is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page or during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.